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A mediterranean environment:

Elda's exceptional location has historically converted it into a place for different cultures. The city's historical wealth can be perceived in it's monuments, archaeological sites and others interesting spots.
Elda is an industrial town of exellence, whose urban environment has great wealth: big spaces, green spaces and the great charm of interesting spots: the music garden, San Crispin park, or the new remodelled main square, Alcazar Castle (XII-XIII centuries), the Monastil Iberian-roman period site in the mountain of the Torreta, the Red house, the Elda Club, the Culture house, the Shoe museum, the municipal archaeological museum, The ethnological museum, and the Castelar theatre, Adoc Auditorium...
An ample program of cultural acts invite you to know this environment, also excursions to the mountains landscapes which surround: Elda reservoir, Monastil site.
Of Arab origin, Elda is around Elda Castle (XII-XIII centuries). The town developed around the course of the river and to the neighbouring municipality of Petrer, what caused houses from Elda and Petrer to be together in the same street.
Immersed in the most important communication system of the province (Castilla-Madrid-Alicante AirPort), reminds those origins in which this rout used to used by the shoemakers, that faced with with the commercial straw ruin, they found in Elda, a fructul shoe factory. Elda is magnificently communicated by road, buses and railway. It's city limits cross the highway Madrid-Alicante. Also the train comes from Madrid-Valencia-Barcelona. Also it has operating scheduled of buses in all directions.
We can find in it's gastronomy a wide range or delicious dishes such as Fassegures, fasiuras, rellenos o balls of minced meat. Gachamigas, Gazpachos Manchegos of chicken, rabbit, and snails. Fandango, beans in sauce with ham, rice with rabbit and snails.

Festivities and events:

  • January: The three kings parade. Also in this month and about the 17th San Anton and the "half year" of Moors and Christians are commemorate.
  • April: Elda Easter week.
  • At the biginning of June: The Moors and Christians Festivity in honour of San Antonio Abad, declared tourist interest it usually held.
  • September: Festivities dedicated to their patron saints The Salud Virgin and the Buen Suceso Christ, after that they usually put their "Fallas".
  • At the end of October: They usually make a local shrine of the shoe makers patron saints of San Crispin and San Crispiano.

Elda is a town located in the middle of the Vinalopo valley, in the west side of the province and surrounded by The Umbría mountains, The Cid's Horse and Pedrizas. Its 36 km from Alicante and 375 km from Madrid.

km to Alicante: 36
Altitude: 395 mt
Number of inhabitants in January of 2006: 55.999
Tel. Reservations: 965.38.05.56 - 965.38.20.17 Fax: 965.38.16.37 www.hotelresidencia-elda.es
Avda/ Chapí Nº6, 03600 Elda (Alicante) Spain info@hotelresidencia-elda.es